Monday, April 5, 2010

50's Housewife

At the age of 21 ( a week), I find myself longing for the next stage of my life.  With just a year and one tiny month of school left, I often think about the future and what that might hold.

I so badly just want to be a wife and mom.  Sometimes I wish I could just quit school and make that happen now.  But I know it's not quite my time.  If I can have my way, I will be that cliche 50's dinner for my wonderful husband while he's hard at work all day, baking pies on the weekend, and loving on my children.  :)   (and, yes, I know...I make it sound way easier than what it is...)

People ask me what I want to do.  I tell them and get all sorts of looks or comments.  Women just don't do that anymore.  It's like we're expected to work, make something of ourselves.  That's ridiculous!  I know plenty of women who I respect greatly that are stay-at-home moms.  And I pray that when I have my own children, I can do as well as they have.

I think God intended it to be that way, to make families work.  Society has ruined family with the necessity of having two working adults in order to even maintain a home.  Families need to spend time together in order to be healthy.  If mom is working full-time, dad is working full-time, and chores have to be done in the off hours...that doesn't leave a whole ton of time.  Plus you throw in church and activities the kids are involved in...the hours dwindle pretty quick.  My campus pastor told me the average married couple spends 2 hours or less together a day.  Pretty depressing isn't it??  That is something I don't want to miss out on!  I don't want to drop my kids off at daycare everyday because me and my husband are both working 8+ hours a day....I would miss out on their lives, on their silliness.  I don't want some random stranger to see my kids more hours a week than I do.  Ideally - mom stays home, takes care of the kids, runs crazy errands, does everything around the house...while dad is the breadwinner.  While stuff will still have to be done when they are both leaves a little bit of time for them to actually be together, to just relax, to spend time with their beautiful children, to be a family!  I want that.

Rewind to the 50's?  Totally wouldn't mind.  At least then people wouldn't look at me like I was crazy.

Stay-at-home mom?  Yes please!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blogging....and Plants first blog.  Where do I even start?  My minds been going all afternoon - what will I blog about?  Am I actually going to stick with this or is it just going to be a fad I leave behind?  I still don't know.  Sat here for awhile messin on facebook tryin to come up with something intriguing to write about for my first post.  I didn't get anywhere.  lol.  But I am really excited that I got on the ball and at least made a blog.  It should be interesting.  I'm sure I'll blog about some pretty random stuff - sometimes profound (I hope), sometimes silly, but always me!  I think I'm most excited about the chance to talk about the simple joys in everyday life - like the laugh of a little girl as she tells me I copied her cereal (Oh Ava...), or when I truly noticed the beauty of spring, the new growth, the colors...

     Speaking of noticing spring - I think I have Justin to blame for that.  He loves plants so much.  I love to watch him talk about the shrubs and trees we pass as we take our walks...he just lights up!  I've learned more about trees and shrubs and flowers and other plants in the past 9 months (!!!) then I ever even thought possible.  All that to I catch myself admiring a plant or two here and there when I normally would have never noticed thanks to that wonderful boy of mine.  God has given us such beauty, such splendor...and I think we miss it too often.  His creation is right in front of us every single day!  So if you think about it, take the time to stop and admire, breath in His beauty - it's most definitely a breath of fresh air.