Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Day 24 - Today help me to read your Word from a different perspective: I want to see your love on every page.

Sheila Walsh notes how often stories in the Bible are about the love of God - from Mary the mother of Jesus to the thieves on the cross.  Today, my Scripture reading was from Matthew 27 and Mark 15 (reading chronologically).  Both chapters cover the initial happenings of the crucifixion - from Jesus being taken before Pilate to Joseph of Arimethia putting Christ's body in the tomb.  The love that is apparent in these chapters is unfathomable!  He endured all of the abuse (verbal and physical), the torment, the humiliation...all for the sake of love.  At any time He had the power to stop it all right at His fingerprints.  The man wasn't even guilty and He didn't even try to defend Himself!  He allowed it all, He endured it all, because of His love for us...because of His love for me!

I'm hoping I can keep this perspective when I read Scripture from now on.  The Bible is the greatest love story ever.  Why don't I remember that when I read it?  I'm going to try to.

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