Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Painful Healing, Truth, & Impatience

After a crazy week of sick coworkers and then sick me...I'm trying to get back on track.  Here we go!

Day 20 - Today I will take my wounds to Calvary.

Sunday was such a good for this challenge!  The service on Sunday included communion...which was a very good way for me to envision taking my wounds to Calvary.  Sometimes it isn't easy to be healed - having a bone set is rather painful, getting stitches - also painful, surgery - well that can be painful for awhile, and even with a small cut, it hurts to have the band-aid removed.  It seems that when there are injuries, pain comes right along with the healing process.  And that makes taking my wounds, whether self-inflicted or placed there by someone, a little difficult to take to Calvary.  Am I really prepared to face that pain?  Am I strong enough to survive it?  The questions that this devotion asked led me to a very interesting conclusion.  Guys LOVE to talk about how they got scars, they love to tell the story behind them!  Our wounds leave scars and scars mean stories.  It is completely up to us whether that story is one of destruction and defeat or one of beauty and victory.  I want my scars to be a beautiful story...and that is why during communion, I took them to Calvary and laid them at the foot of the cross.  God's mercy will heal my wounds (and yes, it will probably be a little painful) and the scars that are left behind will tell the story of Christ's mercy and grace and His awesome, awesome victory!

Day 21 - Today I will reaffirm my trust in the truth that you are my Deliverer.

I honestly didn't think much about this throughout the day yesterday.  But I think that after Sunday's challenge, I can rest assured in the truth that He truly is my deliverer.  And He will deliver me from my pain.

Day 22 - Today I will turn to you when emotions threaten to make me lose control.

I, again, didn't do so great with this challenge.  I completely forgot about it until about a half hour before my shift ended when I realized just how impatient I was today.  Sometimes working with 14 kids under the age of 2 can be a little stressful.  And trust me, a few of those kids really know how to test my patience.  I was talking to another teacher about how a particular couple of kids really drive me crazy sometimes and that I just didn't have the patience to deal with it.  And then my challenge hit me in the face.  "Bri!  You totally lost control today...and didn't even think twice."  And then I was a little more patient with that one child...  I just wish I could be a little more conscious of my emotions throughout the day.  *sigh*

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